byron's stuff
a comic strip
harry learns to sing
not your average children's story
prince bob
the adventures of prince bob
the sketch
a poem, by me
the dream
another poem
my favourite numbers
a list containing the best numbers of all time
some words beginning with the letter "a"
without most of these words, the world would be a different place .. here's my salute to words beginning with the letter "a"
the symon dictionary
"There is another doctorate in the study of one Symon Aaaaaked. All humankind would benefit from a greater understanding of such a mind. From reading and analysing his ramblings, we gain new perspective into the vast unknowns of the human psychology." - Lord Dr. J - Freudian Psycologist Therapist
i like people
the many different ways of spelling "nostrils" page
one of life's ultimate questions - answered
the many different faces of byron jones
have you ever done a web search on your name?
shoe survey
a survey to determine any correlation between number of feet and shoe size
great inventions
i've had some good ideas - i've had some bad ideas ...
selected assembler interrupts
some of my favourite x86 interrupts
many dots. many, many dots
glob = me = glob
awards i've won
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