the sketch
The time had come, Mirsky
Took the silent treatment
I am too young; the
Enormously difficult associated
Complexes of social and
Hierarchical responses.
The valley of Shangri-La lay
On couches arranged almost
Casually. A maze of brilliant
Green lines sketched themselves,
Unwilling to speak of what
They had been doing.
The lines danced hypnotically
With a radiant or arc of a
Circle; some angles were in
Cruelly, irrationaly, wished.
I was always skeptical.
The white interior relaxed and
The goal was the highly desirable
Fantastic panoply of canvases
On which those things which
Concern intelligences could be painted.
A playground, worlds upon worlds.
There would never be true
Boredom here; but hear it;
An armageddon is upon us.