There are some numbers in this universe that clearly rate higher that some other numbers. I have compiled a list here of some of my favorite numbers of all time. I hope you can use this list to its full extent in your life every day.
Clearly one of the most powerful numbers in existence, -3 combines all elements of grace and style that one looks for, along with a hard hitting horizontal stroke, to form a potent combination that breeds fear in the heart of even the strongest man in the world (Artie). This number also carries a warning, being that if you are to take -3 out in public, be sure to attach it to a strong leash, preferably leather, for it has a tendency to escape given even the slightest chance. We all remember what happened early last year when a -3 escaped in the New York subway system. Lets make sure that kind of disaster never happens again.
While not well known to the general public, this number holds a surprisingly large following in some underground movements. Not much is known about this number, although I have heard rumors that it has escaped and is living in hiding somewhere on the Spanish coast.
Simply the best favoured number in existence, 39 has a bouquet harsh to the nose, but don't let that put you off. Its has a smooth texture that allows the number to roll gracefully over the tongue and down the throat with ease. Its favour is one that simply must be tried to be believed. Tasting something like a cross between a chocolate coated gerbil and a deep fried goat - it is simply exquisite. Highly recommended.
Born from a rock on a mountain top, 4 is a number that never stops. It knows all the magic under the sun, and it's the one that picked its bum to have some fun.
Go for tops.
All I have to say to you, number 1085, is stop calling me. I am not interested in you in that way, and to be perfectly honest, even if I was leaning in that direction, I wouldn't be doing it with you! If I catch you anywhere near my house one more time, I'm going to use my shotgun, but only after I shove it far up your rectum. Blam!
166, I miss you so much. You were a part of my life for so long, and now you're gone, it's like when you left to tore a hole out of my heart. Those things you did, while I don't think I'll ever understand hold someone could feel that way about something with so much fur, I forgive you. You stole my best friend, Luke, and my heart. Ahh.. Luke.. it feel like on this morning I used to take you for walks through the park - then we'd lick each other's balls.. sigh. 166, I'll miss you.