Once upon a time there was a frog called Harry. Harry lived in a far away land called Arookus. Arookus was ruled by an evil and sinister King Desmond. One of King Desmon's latest commands was to outlaw frogs who couldn't sing. This in turn worried Harry because try as hard as Harry could, he couldn't hum a single bar. This left Harry with a tinge of sadness, for he was growing quite fond of life as a frog. It saddened him so much that he decided to learn to sing. As luck would have it, one of Harry's friends, Caz, was a member of the local church choir, and sang backup for a local rock group.
The largest hurdle facing Harry in his quest to learn how to sing (with help from Caz) was that he didn't know where she lived. Then Harry struck upon the idea of using Directory Assistance. After a few seconds of chatter, he got not only her address, but her phone number as well.
Glefully he found the location of Caz's house on his road map, plotted the quickest route to get there, and bounded on his way.
Harry leaped the last hop that brought him to her doorstep, reached up and rung the doorbell. After a short pause, the door swung slowly open and there stood Caz, sparkling in the sunlight.
Harry cleared this throat and said
"Caz, how are things, doll? Can you teach me how to sing?"
Caz look down on him and replied
"Don't be silly - frogs can't sing."
and slamed the door in his face.
The End