if you know a symon aked, you might find this reference handy.
100% uselessNot usefull at all
Angus and PancreaseAngus and Robertson (Bookstore)
Ayy-oopHello, come in
Baggins P roller coaster McCeeSomething really, really, really bad
Baggins, Baggins Sack-fill, Sack-filled BagginsThat was fortunate for you / I don't believe that
Boglock masterScrewed timing
Bollocky BillSomeone who has caused or just experienced a large amount of pain or sorrow
Bonus editionThat's really good
Capital BeefcakeA pounding, to win by a large margin
Capital box on wheelsThere is nothing worth watching on the television
Capital trellis, Trellis masterYou seem to be having a run of good luck
Capital trounceTo get beaten by a large margin
Captain Z of the Z SquadExtremely Bad
Captain, Captain Egg, Captain Z, Captain Cheese, Captain FoolReally Bad
Captial hoonI am/We are moving very fast
Cheese LouiseThat's amazing
Cheese barPoo
Cheesy endLucky person
Circling nanaAn object that scribes a circluar motion
Cookin' with gas, gas factor, now you're cookin'You are getting things right; you did it correctly
Don't give a monkey'sDon't care at all
Easy as cheeseVery easy
Fairy fluffFair enough
Far out brussel sproutHow is this possible?
Fish on logsDrat
Flig Flagger Jig JaggerVery lucky person
Flig FlaggerLucky person
Freaky FridayWeird
Free the cheeseTo remove shoes and/or socks
Frogs on stiltsDrat
Frogs on wheelsDrat
Funky TownHarbourTown
Good callThat was a good move, idea, etc
Good giddy 'ardMy God!
Hell's teethDrat / I don't believe it etc
I have your dateYou are in my targets
If I saw cheese I wouldn't believe itI can't believe you just did that / that just happened
Jackson PollockFoolish person
Jacksy flavoured crockSomething very, very, very bad just happened
KFSKnife, Fork, and Spoon
L.T.S, Less than squatNil, nothing
MintoxWhen something is exceptionally special
Monkey MiaDamn
Negatory BadmanNegative
Not on your nellyDefinitely not
Not too shabbyGood
Pea rollerAn object that traveled at high speed close to the ground or a large object
Pretty well feed, the new feedGood food
Rank XeroxNot very good
Risk it for a biscuitTo perform a risky action for a prize at the end
Smart move DaihatsuGood idea
Sock filled wagonDrat
SocklandWhere the bad men come from
SockmongerGeneric insult
Splenda City SusanSomething happened that required extreme luck
SpoonFoolish person
Talk about your large chickensSomething unbelievable just happened
The Seven Bells Of HellDrat
The oats have come to visitI am/We are moving very slowly
Too scary, McGareyThats pretty wierd
Trouser trellisI'm going to fart loudly soon
Trousers, Pants, PantaloonsThats a lie
Uncanny grannyThat's weird
Very large onesI/someone did something that required a lot of guts/balls
W-hatWhat the hell?
You bet your hind legs, you bet your buttocksCertainly