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byron's stuff: scientific study of shoe sizes


this survey has been developed to determine if there is any correlation between the number of feet a person has grown and the size shoe they wear upon these feet (or foot).



after an extensive analysis of the current set of figures, we failed to notice any trend between the number of feet and the shoe size.

while this result may seen disappointing, keep in mind that the above figures represent but a small cross-section of the population, and with a larger number of responses, a more accurate result can be achieved.

an expert's opinion

i must say, i am a lot more optimistic about your results than you appear to be. You describe them as "disappointing", but you surely cannot have failed to notice the linear relationship between the variables exhibited on the graph. i can only assume that you were seeking a more elaborate formula, so please do not consider me impertinent if i entreat you to remember that the simplest results are often the most informative.

stephen turner, statistical laboratory, university of cambridge

thank you stephen, and yes, you provide a valid point, however i'm still somewhat disappointed that everyone surveyed has the same number of feet.

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